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 Last Modified: 04-08-2003

Statement of Integrity (Under Construction)

Emilio is committed to the USPTA & USPTR code of ethics, industry organizations, host tennis facilities and employers.

USPTA--Article XVII--Code of Ethics

The name "Tennis Professional" must remain synonymous with honor, service and fair dealing. The professional's integrity, fidelity to the game of tennis and great sense of responsibility to employer and employees, manufactures and clients, as well as to other professionals, must be highest. In accordance with its ideals and purposes, USPTA enjoins upon its membership rigid observance of the following code of ethics:

(a) A member shall not play solicit or give the appearance of soliciting lessons without informing the resident professional at the tennis club/facility, and shall in no way cause embarrassment to any resident professional.

(b) A member shall not accept a position or appointment at a tennis facility in any but an honorable and ethical manner.

(c) A member shall meet his/her financial obligations promptly.

(d) A member shall not be guilty of conduct likely to injure the reputation and standing of the Association or any of its members.

(e) A member shall not engage in any conduct which is contrary to, or inconsistent with, policies adopted by the USPTA


USPTR--Code of Ethics

As a PTR member, you must fulfill the obligations of being an upstanding citizen and role model to your students, to your community, and to the tennis teaching and coaching community. All PTR members are expected to maintain and observe a sound base of moral integrity and to exemplify the highest ideals of our profession. The organization requires strict adherence to the following Code of Ethics:

In order to fulfill the Organization's purpose and ideals:

A. All members must be fair, honest and sportsmanlike at all times, conduct themselves in a professional manner both on and off the court and exemplify the highest standards of moral character.

B. Members msut meet their financial responsibilities promptly and honor their contracts

C. Members should continue to enhance their professional goals through educational pursuits, seminars, conventions, ect., and strive for excellence through ongoing professional improvement.

D. Teach and abide by the rules of the game in letter and spirit.  Always respect officials and their decisions.

E. Members shall not give or solicit lessons where a resident professional is employed, unless prior approval has been given.

F. Encourage a healthy respect for your fellow colleagues and for PTR.